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Hey guys,

Well, this car is an all original XR7 (Well everything but the motor), even has the original paint! I've done some smaller things to it (Shift kit, wheels, and minor motor work), but I really don't feel like ripping an all original car apart to build what I want out of a car. Something like Steve's new find, minus the rust infestation :)

Anyway, as soon as I sell it, another will take its place, and yes, it will be another Cougar, not a Mustang 5.0 like others have done.

Well, now down to business.

1969 Cougar XR7

97k original miles
Original FMX
Original paint
1974 302 with some minor things done to it (Edelbrock Intake, Hedman headers, Holley 4bbl, Pertronix, MSD)
Almost everything in the engine compartment is brand new. New alternator, PS pump, Water pump, timing chain (a while back), battery, and much more. I have a big stack of reciepts.
New wheels a few months back.

The car runs great, just fixed some minor problems on the motor, all it needs is probably a lifter job. Put the motor on the scope, and it's healthy, all the cylinders are right up there with each other.

It also has new Flowmasters, and brakes. Also had the fuel tank dipped, and all new lines and pump.

Interior is in very nice condition. Has one crack on the dash, the front seats have a couple cracks, but the back seat is in perfect condition. Headliner is in great condition, everything works, short of the clock in the dash.

And the very best feature of this car -- California rust free car. No rust!

I am asking $4,000.

What I'm looking for is a project car. I'll consider anything from 67-73, but most likely it will be a 68/9. No motor would be a plus, as I plan to build my own.

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