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I recently acquired this car as a parts donor for my other '69 Conv., but the more I look at it, the more I realize that it's actually a viable car for restoration.

DON'T BE CONFUSED, this is an east coast car with typical east coast problems (floors, rockers, torque boxes, quarters), but I personally have seen and repaired much worse!

I just can't see picking it apart and junking what's left when I know that one of you out there might want the whole thing or a part that I'd ignore. It is currently 100% complete, and came from an owner who's had it since '73.

It's a 351-4v, FMX in Red w/ Black Leather, no a/c.


I'd like to sell it whole, but I'll consider selling pieces as long as I know that there's enough interest to put all the useful parts to good use in another Cougar freak's hands!

Feel free to mail me with inquiries about what's good and what's not...

See you at the Nationals and at Carlisle's All-Ford...

[email protected]
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