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Hello. A few 69 Parts to offer:

69 Grill Support Frame w/ Hood Latch & Bracket assy, Cover Shafts, & Vacuum Motor (core): Salvaged from a Western car w/o front end damage. Mounting points of frame pieces are all good. Hood Latch has no visible wear from hood misalignment. Headlight cover shafts have good rag-joints. Vacuum motor operates but should be considered a core unit for rebuild, (WCCC offers this service). Asking $140 w/ vac motor or $110 w/o vac motor. Pics Link:

69 Hood Latch & Mount Bracket assy: No damage or visible wear from hood misalignment. Asking $30. Pics Link:

69 Leaf Springs /pair (repro's): Acquired with a 69 ‘vert give-up project. I have no paperwork to confirm application. Past owner said that they were ordered for 69 ‘vert / FMX / AC. Springs are pictured using a tape measure to show dimensional curve in the free position. Also pictured, is what’s left of the manufacturer’s tag w/ bar code & partial lettering; faint but visible at top. Maybe part of Eaton Detroit Spring?... don’t know. Asking $50 for pair. Pics Link:

69 Window Guide Parts; Assortment in good used condition (glass is junk & will be scrapped):
Right Weather-strip Stainless Trim (coupe); stainless in good used condition: Asking $30.
Right Door Glass Regulator Plates / glue-in style: Asking $20 each.
Door Glass Guide w/ hdwr; good threads & plastic inserts. These can also be correctly used with the 70 bolt-in style glass by Loctite(ing) a set screw into the threaded hole and then attaching with nuts. (WCCC offers repro guide inserts for these: Asking $20 each. Pics Link:

Please contact me with questions, FMI, or for more pics. Contact by phone or e-mail is best. UPS or USPS is generally used as a means of transportation, and I normally ship items once a week; on Tuesday or Friday. Thanks.

[email protected]
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