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I bought this Cougar last summer. I've loved it and babied it, but I don't have a garage to put it in. This is leading me to sell it, as rust is eating at her. I don't have time to fix her the way she needs as I'm a senior in college and in ROTC. I hate to see her slowly die as I can only spend a little bit of time a week on her.

351w (302 firing order though)
Manual steering
Power disc brakes (front only)
Runs and drives well

The good:
Brand new Hurst 4 speed (But the tranny is a 3 + 1 OD).
Brand new 3 core radiator.
New booster and MC.
New front tires.
Doesn't leak or burn oil, and 60 psi every time.

The bad:
The rust. (Floor pans, pillars, behind rear bumper, and maybe even quarters)
ust recently, I went to change the thermostat because it was running hot. I pulled off the goose neck, and all that was left was a piece of the old thermostat. The rest rusted off and is gone somewhere. It doesn't affect how it runs, but it still runs a little hot. May be blocking a bit of flow somewhere?

Bad (rushed) paint job.
Weatherstripping is shot.
Needs new inner door hardware (Like window regulator and such)
Needs gauges hooked up and speedo cable.

Parts that I have to go with it:
Driver and Pass half (not full) floor pans
Used pillars from WCCC
Power steering hoses (but not PS box, pitman arms, drag link or anything. Was going to be future project)
I'm sure a bunch of random things I had intended to do stuff with at one point or another.

I hate to do this, but the rust is just spreading. I know that if I don't sell her, she's going to keep rusting and I can't fix it. Not enough time, money, tools, or experience.

My price may be a little high as I'm kind of sentimental, but make an offer if you're interested. I have to let her go, and I'd rather it go to you guys who I know appreciate Cougars than some local yokel that will just treat her badly as has obviously been done in the past.

The album has a mix of new and old pictures. The old pictures are from last summer, and the interior is clean. The interior is currently messy, and the dash is off, but of course I will clean all of that up. The new pictures are the rust pictures taken earlier this week. It has a car cover over it, and always has, but it is crappy, obviously. I'm going to get a tarp and double up the protection soon.

If I remember something, I'll edit and add. If you have any questions or picture requests, just ask or PM me. I'll tell you everything I can.

Thank you!

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