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I have a set of 69' 351w heads for sale. You will see a pic of the valves from cyl #1, I brass wire wheeled them to get off the carbon and to expose any pitting, detonation, etc, the valves edges look as new.

Also, took my porting tools cross-buff and ran it in and out quickly of the valve seat inside the intake and exh ports, the leading edges of the valves seats are perfect, no wear.

The valve guides look and feel tight as a drum, when the valves are in with no springs and at tdc, there is zero wiggle, when they are bottomed out and opened, I feel a thou or so wiggle.

The guy at the shop said although the exterior of the heads look old, once you clean them and use a polish pad on the gasket surfaces,(which are fine as well), these will be super.

Freeze plugs, coolant lugs, all look great.

I would like to get $200 plus actual s/h to you, thanks all- Joshua


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