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Fellow Cougar enthusiasts, I have recently decided that it would be best if I put my 68 Cougar up for sale. So, let me tell you the good and the bad about the car... She came with a 302 of course, but heavy modifications have been completed on the small block. Here's the list...

Engine Mods...
bored out to a 306
aftermarket camshaft(the largest for an automatic)
Edelbrock performance intake
4 barrel Edelbrock Performer Carb w/ K&N Filter
Gear Drive(sounds awesome!)
Flex Fan

Competition 10,000 rpm Tachometer
Nitrous system(only thing missing is carb plate)
Grant Mahogany Steering Wheel
Rear lights work wonderfully
Undercarriage of the car is rust free, not holes, rust, the trunk is perfect.
Black Exterior, Maroon Interior
Aftermarket gauges that I have not yet installed.

Here is a list of some of the things that require work, even the small and tedious things...
The passenger side window regulator requires replacing becuase it has been stripped
The drivers side seet upholstery requires replacing
The headlight vacuum system is missing
There is a small dent on the hood, where it appears that someone closed the hood while a tool was setting on the carb, NO IT WASNT ME!
There are also 1 very small dent in the rear driver side panel, the passenger door, and the rear passenger side panel. Actually, these dents are about a month old. They are dents when someone opens a door into your car, I guess thats what I get for living in a town with a GM plant. :mad:
The paint is starting to chip.
But if I had to comment on the body, I would say it is wonderful.
The oner before me told me that the only bondo on the vehicle is above the drivers side door on the roof.

The location of the Vehicle: Janesville, Wisconsin(20 miles north of the Wisconsin and Illinois border)
Asking price: $6300 OBO, please make an offer, I would like to be told if I am being unreasonable.

I will try desperately hard to get pictures of her by the end of the week. If all else fails, I have plenty of pictures that I would be very willing to send to those who request them by "conventional" mail.

If I have forgotten any infomation that you would like to know, or that I would like you to know, please post a thread, or email me at the following address: [email protected]
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