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1968 Cougar XR-7 VIN 8F93J528854

65B Q 6B 17A 21 5 W

I am the 3rd owner, having bought the car in February as a restoration project to do with my daughter. I have been unable to get her interested in the car, so I'm selling it.

The second owner bought the car when it was 10 years old, drove it for 2 years, then parked it in an attached garage for the next 25 years. The car is unbelievably original, but needs restoration. The body is straight, but the quarters have been subjected to some rust repair by the previous owner. Buyers will need to judge whether the repairs warrant replacement of the quarters.

It is a factory A/C car and all the components are still there. The interior is in very good condition and mostlly needs freshening with some small upholstery tears that can be repaired by a good trim shop.

The engine is complete and still has the orignal carburetor on it. It does not run and trying to start it produces a clanking noise up near the top of the engine. You should assume it needs a complete rebuild. The C-4 automatic probably also needs to be rebuilt, but for $200 more I will supply a known good C-4 that came out of my '69 Mustang when I converted it to a Tremec 5-speed.

I have stripped out the interior except for the dash and removed the vinyl top as there was some small bubbling near the front, that turned out to be surface rust (no rust-through).

This car has never been taken apart before now. All of the insulating materials are still in place and I have not disturbed them. All parts removed have been bagged and tagged. The larger interior parts have been wrapped in plastic.

Follow this link - - and scroll to the bottom of the page to see pictures of the car. Asking $2300 firm.
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