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I bought this thinking I would need it for my car, I was able to recolor my original dash pad instead and figured I could recoup a few bucks selling off this one and putting the cash somewhere else. I went through this and cleaned everything really well. I painted all the trim and polished the plastic warning lenses along with shining up the trim rings around them. Even the cougar logo is in good shape and could be left as driver quality. I would say its pretty much install ready.

Full disclosure is the trim is not perfectly straight but I dont think it will be noticeable once installed,Its easy to adjust and tweek to fit if need, It does not include the retaining clips on the back. On the cluster side you will see some of the backing is loose and coming apart but with the trim on and installed on the dash this will not be an issue. You could reinforce it if needed or desired. Check out the pictures for condition and I can send others upon request. The vinyl is not cracked and still pliable. Its originally a black piece and not painted or dyed.

Looking to get $200obo shipped in custom made crate to prevent any damage.

Really hate to stick it on ebay but if no luck here on the cougar forums Ill list it next week sometime.



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