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I just wanted to let you guys know that I might be selling a 68 I recently bought. I bought the car for the hood, it was really nice with no rust to use for my XR7G restoration. My initial thoughts were to part it out but I never like to do that to a cougar.
Once I got it home and started looking over the car, I can see the guy put some time in on it. The engine bay area has been redone and the floorpans are gloss black so I assume it's been redone. I haven't went over it totally, but underneath it looks solid. The body has been put in primer, the roof looks smooth, the rear quarters have putty in them. The interior and dash has been removed except for headliner so it would be a total project car.
The front grill is there and it looks good. It appears they sandblasted core support and headlight brackets as they are all smooth and black.
Right now it's under a cover with six inches of snow on top of the cover so pictures aren't a possibility yet, but after I look it over some more I'd like to see it go to a restoration versus being scrapped. If I were to sell it as it is as a rolling chassis I would want 400.00 for it. I am in the St. Louis area so that is something you'd want to consider.
This is just to let you know in case you've wanted one to start on, I got the title for it also so it's legal. I'll post more on it once I know more. Thanks in advance.....Keith 636-925-8888 or email me at [email protected] thanks
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