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I am probably listing this on ebay but will stipulate that it is advertised elsewhere so if you want it you can get it and I will pull auction. (That's if I get around to listing it) I am selling a few parts on ebay off of a 68 XR7 J-code car that I bought and am parting out.
It came with a 302 engine that is not completely assembled but is all new. The only parts not ready to bolt on is the factory intake which is still dirty and valve covers. Otherwise, the short block is assembled and in a plastic bag (as I bought it) and the 4V heads are fresh and ready to go and wrapped in plastic. I don't have specs on Edelbrock cam but guy I bought it from said he should be able to find spec sheet and send it. He said it was a little over stock. Cam is already installed. I have most parts for it, it came with new chain and gear,oil pump and pickup,edelbrock lifters, timing cover, water pump,felpro gaskets. It even came with exhaust manifolds all polished up and ready to go. If you want it for something other than cougar then I will deduct 40.00 from price of engine to keep exhaust manifolds. I have about six pictures of it but will only post the one on here. If I put it on ebay I'll put all six.
If interested you can call 636-925-8888 or email [email protected] anytime. I prefer to not ship this, if interest isn't that high I wouldn't mind keeping it for one of my cougars.
I am in St. Louis area if you are interested and I would like to get 800.00 for all of it.......or closest offer to that.......Keith


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