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Hi gang:

'68 Cougar, 302, Edelbrock 4bbl (installed several months ago). She turns over no problem, but gives me a terrible time starting ONLY AFTER SHORT RUNS (will re-start no problem driving < 5 miles, for example).

Car runs and sounds FANTASTIC but this issue is very, very annoying.

I attach photos that deepen the mystery (at least for me).

If I run for 3 minutes, then try to re-start, it choogles and will not fire up. Thought I heard a backfire sound in the carb while trying to restart, then took off the filter cover and saw that it had 'fried' through in a very concentrated area (like a hole-- almost a fire). It literally burned the air filter. I don't know what would have caused this -- a backfire? Carb appears to be clean and not burned. Occurred DURING start....

The burn in the shape of a small circle, and appears to line with the hose coming off of the right valve.

Blow by? But there is no tell-tale performance signs (e.g. acceleration, oil discharge, engine sound). Please see pics, advise.

Other than this, she runs great.



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Just a thought, check your oil, smell for gasoline (ruptured fuel pump diaphragm). The fact that the hole lines up with the PCV vent seems uncoincidental, perhaps a backfire lit gas vapors coming up from the crankcase. If I am correct, it might have something to do with the hard starting as well. It's a theory (and something to check) anyway. Even if you do not have gas in the oil, blowby could ignite in the same way. I think it is clear that SOMETHING coming up from the vent ignited which then blowtorched your air filter.



P.S. What's a "choogle"?
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