I bought these in advance of a Cougar Trans-Am (Dan Gurney/Bud Moore Engineering) that never happened.

One (1) C8WY-13A366-AS for 1968 Cougar Plug and Play replacement for OEM Ford/FoMoCo unit. (Should also work for 1968 Shelby running T-Bird tail lights (replaces mechanical relay also known as 'dynamite stick' in the trunk)

One (1) C8WY-14290-AR for 1968 Cougar 'standard (not XR-7). Complete Plug and Play Dash panel to headlamp wiring harness.

For additional information, Google "Cougars Unlimited" in ABQ NM and/or Speak with Vic. Great guy!

Six hundred for both... Saves you ~200.00 or more as I don't have tax on this... I already paid it.

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Thank you, Tom-