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Oh, the same sad song - love the car, ran out of money. '68 Cougar Automatic, Silver (not original paint) reasonably good condition except for Bad Owner neglect/lack of resources. '09 - '10 featured dropping a "New" (Rebuilt) 302 in in, new valves, seals, carb, hoses, and on and on, and boom...ran out of money right on the finishing line. Been sitting for about a year now with no reasonable expectation the money will turn up to finish it. "New" Engine needs breaking in. Runs rough.

Car's been garaged in Bellevue going on 3 years during the restoration.

Prior to the engine swap - rebuilt steering box, heater system, suspension work.

Interior's in fair condition. Window cranks missing. Windshield cracked. Rust around right rear wheelwell. Ragtop in remarkably good shape. Sequential tail light lost 3rd sequence light.

Car needs someone to finish what I started. More info & pix available. Sad story; JA Coug


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