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I just got a rusted out 68 cougar s code car. It has the original (S Code)390 (Don't know if it runs, the guy said it did four years ago when he parked it, but it had low oil pressure), C6, and(U Code) Equatorq rear end. Also has AC and PS. (Had Disc brakes, but the spindles are gone. Most of the interior is still there (black) the dash and front seats are no good, but everything else inside looks pretty good. Doors are good with minor rust, and all the glass is still intact.

If anybody's interested in parts or the whole car, drop me an e-mail, with an offer. I do not have a title for this car. I'm located in Petaluma CA and would prefer not to ship big items. I'm looking for a running 351w for my 68 mustang, so maybe we can swap for stuff.


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