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I recieved this email today wanting a 67 for cloning into a model. I will post the email I recieved.

We are a wholesale distributor of plastic scale model kits and we represent a company who is interested in making new 1/25 scale classic car model kits. At this time of prime interest is the 1967 Mercury Cougar. We are trying to locate an original stock version of this car, which needs to be in pristine condition for the purpose of being allowed to photograph and measure it. We need very detailed specs of the vehicle in order to make an accurate kit. If anyone can lead us to a car owner who owns a car in this condition, it would be greatly appreciated.
Mike Bass

Stevens International
706 N. White Horse Pike
P.O. Box 126
Magnolia, NJ 08049 USA

Phone: 856-435-1555
Fax: 856-627-6274
e-Mail: [email protected]
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