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Hello Cougar bretheren,

I am interested in upgrading my stock exhaust ( dual H-pipes) to an X-pipe setup as was recommended by
an exhaust/muffler place. I have a question on exhaust manifolds: Would a GT-40 exhaust fit my stock engine ?
I figured that I would start at the beginning of the system, but I was told by one shop that he doesn't recommend
it for fear of breaking bolts (who knows how long those bolts have been there, and he's right), and then he proceeded
to ask me why I even wanted to d the swap ? My response was not the hp gain-it's minimal 10-15 hp, I know that,
but really because I like the way they look, they're painted in that ceramic silver compared to my rusted, old burned
iron with burn spots~you know the look... I was told , instead to paint the stock manifolds, without removal, which is
not as eassy as it looks, which I really don't want to do, all that work for manifolds that I really don't like.
Any insight, suggestions, recommendations ???
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