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I've got a '67 with stock suspension other than lowering the car (Shelby mod to raise the front control arm mounting point) and a rear Addco Sway bar. I had a set of 16" tires on my FFR Cobra that I decided to no longer use on the Cobra since I went to R compound for my daily driving. The Cougar has 225/50 16 Bridgestone RE 71s up front, and 255/50 16s in the rear.

I've gotten tired of the tramlining - (front tire size and stiffness I'm sure). The alignment is fine with a good bit of caster, and it moves around a bit on anything other than a nice flat lane.

No luck yet in looking for some higher profile skinnier used fronts to try on (e.g. 215/65 x 16"), but my other option is to roll back to 15" wheels and go with higher profile. I'd rather not spend the money though because that puts my in new wheels at $130 each plus plus. Unfortunately in the day when I bought the 16s I could not get desired offset so I use spacers to properly position the fronts and rears (not ideal but it works well from that perspective).

Has anyone had success with 16" wheels and tires - no tramlining? If so, please advise tire make model and size. I've decided to use the car more (will be installing AC this spring) so it will be mostly driven locally. The tramlining is quite annoying.

Please advise any success with 16" or 15 x 7 wheels and tire sizes (225/60?) that track nice and strait without following every groove in the road. Thanks!
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