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WCCC says: Made by the original supplier!

But I was wondering why the repro's have a single level, concave stainless trim/bezel whereas (at least on '69, my frame of reference) the lock has a two level - stepped sort of trim/bezel.

The reason I ask is that with the larger single expanse of shiny metal where the key goes in, the scratches that inevitably result in the metal are more noticeable on the single level bezel than on the stepped one. I would much rather have the original type but I don't think they are available. Did 67-68 have the same kind I have described? Why doesn't the original supplier make them correct? Is the single level type correct for some (more popular) year or model that I am unaware of and that is why we are stuck with this incorrect-for-our-cars version?

Inquiring minds want to know. (or would that be "Enquiring"? :buck:)


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