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I have a couple of door panels I need to get rid of.
One is a 68 XR7 passenger side door panel. The color looks like it was originally an off-white, but may have been white. There are a few minor abrasions on the rear edge (back end of the door) and a couple of dark mars. It needs a good cleaning and probably a re-dye. The vinyl has some micro-cracks in a couple of places. Probably from being 40 years old and dry. The top edge is dirty and discolored. I don't know if it will all come out.
The fiberboard panel is in great shape. The door light has pitting on the chrome.
The pull strap will come with it, but is not in very good shape.
Like I said, it isn't great, but it's not terrible either.

The other is a passenger side door panel for I believe a 67 Cougar. It is in okay condition, not great, but good for a driver. I do not find any tears or obvious damage to the vinyl, but the panel does have some distortion, as can be seen in the pics.
The chrome/wood trim is in bad shape and the Cougar emblem has seen better days.
The color looks good. It needs a good cleaning. The fiberboard panel is in poor shape at the bottom. The door light has pitting on the chrome.
This panel had an armrest of unknown origin attached to it, so there is some imprinting, as you can see in the pic.

$25 each plus shipping?

Email me at:
[email protected]

I also have access to more parts from these cars. The 68 still has the interior rear side panels.


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