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Hi all,

I've got a question about valve to guide clearance. The situation is that I've disassembled my cylinder head and I found out I've got oversized valves in it (0.40625" stem) and the guides have previously been knurled.
Since at least 1 of the valves has excessive play and onother valve had the stem damaged, I'll have to go with another over size or have the guides replaced.
Now for the experts: Would there be any reason to consider a bigger oversize over replacing the guides and valves for the original size stems?

I believe the guides are shrunk in, so I'd have to get the shop to replace them, but that's not a big deal, for I'll have to have the seats reconditioned anyway.

Another question: The pushrods seem to have some play as well. Does that matter a lot? It seems that they are kept in place by the lifters and rockers. Am I right there or do I have to mearure pushrod clearance as well (I've got the slotted heads).

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