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5.0 EFI into my 67 cougar restomod

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Im trying to figure out the best way to install a 89 5.0(with EFI) and T5 tranny in my 67 cougar. if anyone has any suggestions on

--headers- long vs short and/or brands? (it is man. steering)?

--any easy or universal wiring harnesses(priced easy that is)?

--inline fuel pumps or in tank(if I can find a tank with pump in it)?

--can I use my tank to run a return into?

--aftermarket hoods(looking for a cowl hood if there is and, dont want the scoop just something a little different)?

--tire sizes(wanting to put on 18's -classy rod, not ghetto) width that is?

--lowering car so that tires sit in fenders alittle?

--gauges- will a 67 or 68 gauge seat fit in the cougar so I can have my tach and speedo as well as gas,oil and temp in dash?.

--I also need a new dash pad and cover- affordable that is.

--rear disc brake ideas(already installed my front ones)?

--wanting to figure out how to put on an electric motor to open headlamps, dont wanna have to deal with the vaccuum system.

Any help will be greatly appreciated...Thanks
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