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I started removing the toploader from my 70 cougar today for the AOD
swap. I will have the trans with shifter, bellhousing and Hays street &
strip clutch w/Ram flywheel, clutchpedal and all the linkage, preety
much everthing to change your car to a 4speed.
heres the deal...
1st- I have had the trans in the car for 4 years and the trans works
well but has a little whine in 1st gear,
2nd- this is not an original cougar/mustang trans,
3rd- the flywheel, clutch and pressure plate only have about 500miles on
4th- I had to make an adapter for the crossmember (included)
5th- the only thing needed to go with this setup will be a yoke and a
pilot bushing in your crank.
I am going to try and sell the complete setup before I part it out so
don't ask yet, I am looking for $550 plus shipping, if you price all
thats included here you probably would have that much in the setup
without the trans.
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