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Hi all, just seeing if anyone here is interested in or is in need of the following parts:

C8ME 390 block 8K date i beleive will recheck

2U crank

C8AE-H 14 bolt GT heads, 0B5 date ( not so clean )

C8AE-H 8 bolt heads 8M3 date ( clean )

C8AE-425-F intake 8D22 date / maybe C6AE 6D22

C9ZE-9425-B intake 8L27 date

A BB radiator out of a 67 GT cougar , Tag says 09205379 (aftermarket ? )

RUG-J2 390 wide toploader

I'm open to a reasonable offer and as to what the value might be for these parts/ I will get you pictures if interested.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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