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I am putting a set of Brodix aluminum heads on my 351C. I have the stock 351C heads, can someone tell me what they're worth? I was going to put them on ebay but I figured someone here may want them. I took the engine to the machine shop this morning. I should get everything back in 2 weeks. They're estimating 550 hp at the flywheel. Yeeeee Haaaa

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Are they 2V or 4V? the 4V if they are D0 casting numbers will bring $300 to $500. 2V $50 to $200. I know this is a wide range but it depends on condition and who is looking to buy. The funny thing about clevelands is I can sell most all the seperet parts but can not give away the blocks.
Fort sale,
1 standard bore short block 351C 1970, D0AE-J cast 0B18,$100
from a 1970 Cougar, rods and pistons removed. needs bore due to rust
1 standard bore short block 351C 1972 D2AE-CA cast 1M15 $50 has oil pan, had a rod knock

1 standard bore short block 351C 1973 D2AE-CA cast 3B10 $50was rebuilt, but got water in one cylinder. rods and pistons removed

1 standard bore short block 351C 1974 D2AE-CA cast 3M15 $50
from a pantara but a 2 bolt main block. still bolted together.

All are in Washington state.
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