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Hey i was just wondering if anyone was going to goto the 2003 Hot Rod Magazine Power tour at the end of May. I'm contimplating going but i live in Michigan and it starts in Nashville and it ends in Dallas. -dats alotta driving... like 3,000 miles or so.
And Who has gone in the past that can give me some advice on preparing for the tour?


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I'm not able to go this year but have been on several in the past. Here's some advice I can share.

Obviously, you'll want your car running it's best and everything checked out and serviced before you leave. Always take as many spare parts as you can. You'd be amazed what will break 2,000 miles from home in the middle of nowhere. Also when on the tour, run with a pack of guys or gals with similar makes of cars like a Mustang guy or a Torino guy. They're likely to have some spare parts you may not have that will work on your car to get you to the next night stop. At the very least, have one buddy that you are always running with.

Make your overnight accomodations early. They fill up fast.

At the gas stops, either get there early or stop at another exit other than the one they suggest. Otherwise it looks like the fuel lines at the pumps like in the early 70's.

One trick I learned is if you need a "poor man's" lift to check something out under the car or to fix something, use a driveway opening that ramps up to a curb. Drive two wheels up onto the curb while the other two are still on the road. It will angle the car enough to get under it without jacking it up.

Worst case scenario is there are usually sweep vehicles, like from Baer Brakes, who run last and have parts and tools available to help. I've never heard of anyone getting left stranded. There's just too many people around, all gearheads, who are willing to help you out.

These are just the things to prepare for, and those are just worse case scenarios. But, let me tell you, the tours I've been on were the most fun I've ever had in my car in 20+ years. Plus, Cougars are a minority on the tours so yours will really stand out. On two of the tours, I had the only one.

Have a great time!! I envy anyone who gets to go.

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