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I know this is not classical cougar but I am coming to this forum for help as it is driving me crazy what is wrong with my car. I have a
2001 Mercury Cougar
2.5 V6
139000 miles
The problem is in the last month the car has been acting strange. Here are the problems it has been doing.
I was driving down the road about a month ago. The car started to buck in 3rd gear and then just shut off. I pulled to the side of the road and tried to start and it started. I drove a little further and this time it just shut off. I tried to start it and it would just crank so had to call a tow truck to get it tow.
I took it to the mechanic and he replaced the fuel filter and fuel pump. The car acted fine for a few days then I was traveling on the highway at around 55 and the car bucked again and just shut off. I pulled over and tried to crank it and no crank at all. I got electrical to the entire dash and radio and lights and blades work. I let it sit for about 10 minutes and then the tried to start it again and it started right over. Drove it further down the road and did the same routine. I tried to start again and no crank just power and let it sit and it cranked over after about 10 minutes. I would not even get the starter to crank. I could here a click.
I left the car sit for about two weeks and started it here and there and it was fine. Took it for a ride the last two days and was starting fine. I parked the car at the store and came out and tried to start it and still would not crank, no crank sound just all electrical would come on.

So yesterday I was trying to start the car and just would not crank over and when turn key just electrical would come on but the starter would not crank. After about 20 minutes of trying it cranks over and then let it idle. I turn the car off and turn back on and would not get anything but electrical come on and then after a few minutes would start. It idles fine.
Anyone have and ideas?
There is a new battery, new coil pack, new spark plugs and wires, and oil change done in last year.
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