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Hi Everyone,

I have a 2001 ZN that I am looking to sell. :(

She is in beautiful shape and only has 62000 miles on her. She has been more babied than I think my own kids have been.
It is very, very important to me that she goes to someone who will take very good care of her and I cant imagine there would be a better place to start than here.

It saddens me to have to let her go, but with a teenager getting ready to drive, I really need to think more rationally and get her something that is not quite so............well you know. Besides, I pulled her out of my garage long enough to start her, wash her and have her detailed.

Ideas on the best way to sell her are welcome.........thanks everyone. I also need to know if anyone has any idea on how much I should sell her for. Like I said........she is in perfect condition with 62,000 miles.

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