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Haven't driven the Cougar since mid June. Living in South Florida with intense summer heat and rain and no A/C in a 400 hp car makes for very uncomfortable driving. Actually it's given me time to complete the ground up resto on the '69 Cuda conv. Hoping to get that out in another month and a half. Just in time for when the weather starts being more comfortable. Guess that is also why I have not been posting too much lately.

First on the agenda for the Cougar is to repair or replace the headliner which came down at 120mph. After that I have a urethane suspension kit which has been sitting around for a year to put in.

Trying to find a 9" diff to put in but may end up just slapping in a set of 3.55 gears in the 8". The 3.00 gears in now with the long duration of the cam in the engine is just not making for a good combo.

Oh well that's my update for now; will try to stay on the board a little more often than I have been...sorry.
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