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Hi if you happen to have a "pea green" 1973 xr7 you're in luck. I have a set of MINT CONDITION no tears scratches stains etc rear seats complete w hardware. I'm selling them for 50 bucks because the shipping is HIGH. They're a ***** to ship- 130 in a box to the west coast from the east coast (New York). It gets lower as you live closer. Ask for pictures. I believe for a set of COMPLETE seats the price of the actual seats is incredible. I have nothing to do with the shipping. That's UPS and USPS. They charge the same i've looked into it.

Also selling:

NON TILT steering column. 150 SHIPPED anywhere in the US the column comes with the steering wheel and all hardware. (No horn) Otherwise MINT and clean.

NEAR MINT passenger side fender no dents - has tiny scratch, comes with SOME trim. 275 ANYWHERE in the US SHIPPING INCLUDED except alaska and hawaii. 275 SHOULD COVER ALL SHIPPING COSTS FOR ANY POSSIBLE FEES. (Now you know lots of NOS online companies charge 200 JUST FOR the shipping / crating etc. I'm pretty much shipping this thing off for free, nicely boxed in a ford - GM factory box.

NEAR MINT passenger side DOOR (has panels if u need it) $99.99. Shipping costs unknown- the thing is HEAVY.

Passenger side MIRROR = $75.00 SHIPPING INCLUDED anywhere in US. Mirror is MINT!!!

Driver's side door (not in the best of shape ask for pics) 59.99

Passenger's side front seat MINT 50.00 plus shipping. (should not cost as much as rear seats. ) The seats are XR7 seats, so they've got the sporty striped pattern vinyl / material style.

may have other random miscellaneous items.

IF U NEED ME ASAP- CALL (646) 221-4519
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