1973 Cougar Convertible XLR. This vehicle was being restored by a family member who recently passed away. She had many years of restore old Ford cars, trucks, and Semi trucks and always built them to original spec or better. The vehicle has all original Ford shop manuals, wiring diagrams and several other paper work with it. Unfortunately I do not have the space or knowledge to complete this project. I will try to answer any questions you may have . I believe the vehicle is all there. There are several parts still new in boxes that come with the vehicle The drivetrain has been rebuilt and restored with a 351 Cleveland and 4 speed manual transmission. The engine did fire up and run but she was in the middle of doing something to the ignition when she passed away and I have not tried to fire it up again. The person who did the work on the engine is local and you could ask him any questions about the engine you may have. I could go on and on and not hit everything about this vehicle. There are only a few pics that I am able to post I have several other pics that I am able to provide. If you would like more pics please contact me and I can send them to you. Best is by cell 281- four five five- two two 43.