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Hi all,

I need to find our *for sure* what kind of hub cap (aka dog dish) came on a 1971 base model Cougar hardtop. I have pix of all optional covers and base covers for GT & XR7 but nothing on a Cat that had no options.

This is for a 1971 Cougar hardtop 429CJ-R. I have serious suspicions that what I have now is wrong (I do not think that it came with trim rings, for instance). I need positive ID, so period pix or a scan of a brochure to confirm is for what I am serching.

Also, I am 99.99% sure that the wheels would have been painted semi-gloss black and not body color. Can anyone else confirm this?

I do have the build sheet if anyone can decode or compare to their wheel code is WV. No listing for covers/caps.




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