1971 Mercury Cougar GT | eBay

I have it listed on ebay with a $7,500 starting bid and NO RESERVE. Needs full restoration but 100% intact with matching numbers and all rare CJ parts.

There is a contest on two cougar Facebook pages to see who can guess the top bid closest would win a $100 prize. Guesses have ranged from $8,150 all the way up to $45,000 with most of them falling about low 20's. It will sell for whatever high bid is and then we will all know what it is worth.

Renowned 1971 429 Cobra Jet expert Finley Ledbetter has inspected the vehicle in person and confirmed it exists, it is real and all of the hard to find CJ parts are there and accounted for, including the Ram Air air cleaner he states is worth $3,750 all by itself. The 429CJ registry shows that this is the only 71 GT J-code auto coupe that is known to exist. No mater how you look at it, this is one rare cat.