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1971-73 Front Seats!!!!

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I was curious, has anyone replaced the front bucket seats covers with Mustang seat sets? Mine is a 73 XR7 Conv. and my back seats are great and black. Cougar front seat cover sets are not out there as far as I can tell and only the Mustang sites have them. I would appreciate any feedback.
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John's has the correct upholstery for 71-73s.
Hi Milo,
Thanks for the information, your seats look great! I checked and my wallet ran out of my office door! LoL! If I go correct I am going to have to wait for a bit and sport the cheap skin covers it came with. Next project is to rebuild my rear power window unit and order a new conv. top.... At this point I am not sure if I am going original colour (dk grn) on the exterior or make a fun driver.
I've been looking at these on Ebay, anyone reading this actually tried them ?
Holy saddle soap batman, I had no idea they were that pricey, glad mine are in great condition :smoke:
Doing a bit of research instead of my thesis... I figure if you want to use a Mustang seat cover you should get the Mustang seat foam for best fit. These are about $100 a piece, and the front seat covers run from $189-300 depending on the supplier. The Cougar pads are different and the Cougar cover needs to be sewn into them I think and I don't think the Mustang cover will fit over them the best... A SWAG!
No.... But not a bad deal, look at shipping however. I have looked at the Mustang supplier sites, here is one that has a Cougar and a Mustang cataloge to download.
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