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1970 Cougar for sale - 351C / Automatic with AC / New York State

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My name is Andrew and I just joined the forum. My father is selling his 1970 Cougar and asked me to post it on some Cougar forums to see if there would be any interest. The car is both mechanically and visually perfect. My father is a stickler for the details so once he purchased it in 2014 he went through it and made it pretty much spotless. Since purchasing it in 2014 he's put less than 1,000 miles on the car.

He purchased the car from Vanguard Motor Sales (based in Detroit Michigan) in late 2014. Here is the video of the car Vanguard made when he bought it:


  • We think he is the third owner (original owner, Vanguard Motor Sports, then my father).
  • 351 Cleveland (Odometer says 17,000 miles)
  • Automatic
  • Factory A/C

Since purchasing the car in 2014 my father has done the following to the car:
1) Replaced rear sail panels - now has curtesy lights
2) Added map light
3) Interior has L.E.D. lights throughout
4) Switched over rear tail lights to L.E.D.
5) Replaced Rear Main Seal
6) Added O.E.M. tachometer - in factory location of clock
7) Grant Steering Wheel - with Cougar center emblem
8) Added solid state turning signals - sequential tail lights work
9) Added hood blanket
10) Replaced trim around shifter, gasket around transmission/shifter
11) All new gauge crystals
12) Rear trunk floor mat
13) Oil pressure gauge - electronic
14) Voltage gauge - all on plugs

After Market Changes:
1) Has a 4bbl carb
2) Has an Edelbrock manifold
3) Has a new radiator
4) Aftermarket head unit - bluetooth

Other Things to Mention:
1) Chrome is perfect
2) Paint is great - looks like a new car
3) Headlights work perfectly
4) Taillights work perfectly
5) A/C works perfectly
6) We have the 1970 black Cougar Stripping Kit (comes with car - not installed)
7) We have the 1970 Ford Authorized Cougar rear spoiler (comes with car - not installed / not painted)
8) We have a 1970 Cougar front spoiler (comes with car - not installed)
9) We have the factory head unit (not working / comes with the car)
10) We have the factory steering wheel (comes with the car)
11) Magnum 500s are new and are perfect
12) Tires have less than 2,000 miles on them
13) Every single interior light works
14) Interior Message Board lights work

Things wrong / issues:
1) Could use new weather stripping
2) If it is 85 degrees and 90% humidity and you're running the A/C and are sitting in traffic, engine temp gets up there. However if the car is in motion, engine does not have any over heating issue
3) At reasonable operating temperatures car has no temp issue but my father wanted to point this out.

Location and Contact info:
We are located in Brockport New York (near Rochester)
Please Call or Text: 585 414 6122
Or Email: [email protected]


1) Car is not going up for sale on ebay or anything like that. Will be listed on a few forums and on facebook market place.

We don't have a specific price in mind. Willing to negotiate. He's looking to move and needs the cash for a new home down south. We're thinking somewhere in the range of $25,000 give or take.



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