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:smoke:i have a new condensor & dryer, my compressor has been setting in my garage for a few years w/ service valves closed & still had a little oil in it & the clutch turns smoothly by hand.
i flushed the compressor thru the service valves (before seeing on the a/c aresol can not to flush compressor, condesor or expansion valve.) i removed oil plugs and service valves & emptied/forced air out everything that would come out. finished cleaning service valves & installed new o-rings. i am converting to 134a & plan to flush & use original lines & evaporator, & expansion valve. has any one done a conversion w/used orig. compressor & evaporator? ive also been told to put 3 oz. of oil in the comp. im putting 2 oz. pag & 1 oz. in the can w/ice. since my compressor is already empty sould i pull vac on system w/ service valves opened then disconect add oil and pull vac. again or just add oil first then evac.
my main concern is ruining the new condesor, dryer no big deal auto zone had them for like 21$ i'm also installing all new orings. any success, failures suggestions would be welcome the evap. has been disconected for several years but i put all new seals & rebuilt the heater box w/ new heat. core too back when i discinected it evap looked good but havent tried flushing or blowing air throu it yet but i do have 2 extra heat. boxes w/ good looking evap. if i need a different one. when i evac i should do both high & low w/ service valves open i assume? when i charge do i hook up the manifold two both sides w all gauge & service vales completly open & charge thru low pressure? or just open low side & charge w/ no gauge, & service closed on high side? one more thing im pretty sure the 70 manual says to close sevice valves after servecing would'nt that isolate the compressor from the system and how would the air floe through sys. sorry for the novel! any succeses, failer or suggetions will be greatly appreceiated.
curtis:eek2: by the way what the hall are tags for at the botto?
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