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I have a 69 Eliminator that is 3/4 of the way restored. It has been one nightmare after another with getting this car restored. My paint and body guy flaked on me after I had given him over $15k and I still have two front fenders that need to be painted. I have the paint so you don't have to worry about matching it. I ended up firing the guy and the car has been sitting for six months. The upholstery shop did the back seat, but before I could get the front seats done the guy died and his wife shut the place down. I have the upholstery and seat cushions, they just need to be installed. To top it all off I was in an accident (not my fault and the woman didn't have insurance) and now I physically can't work on the car. I'm tired of seeing it sit in my garage collecting dust so if one of you wants a very solid real Eliminator this is the car for you. I've spent over $35k total and don't have any desire to finish it. I have the Marti report and here are the specs:

3 speed manual (I have a toploader 4 speed) if anyone is interested
White paint w/black stripes
Blue comfortweave vinyl hi-back bucket seats
3.25 conventional rear axle
Power steering
AM radio
Decor group
Remote control left hand racing mirror
Heavy duty suspension
One of 161 with the paint and trim codes

I have had the bumpers rechromed. The car comes with a new gas tank and fuel lines. I have four new 15 inch Kelsey Hayes Mag Star wheels and Cooper tires. I have solid grille pieces and new vacuum lines for the headlight doors. I have new carpet and headliner they just need to be installed. The door panels will need to be restored which I was quoted $900 for both front and the rear seat panels. The windshield is new and the side windows and back window are in very good shape. I have all new suspension for the car it just needs to be installed. Rear leaf springs are installed but the rear rubber bushings need to be installed. The first set of bushings I purchased were the wrong size. There are too many other misc. parts to list so if you are really interested in the car just contact me and I can give you the details.

The car is located in Orangevale, California and I am asking $25,000 or best offer. If you know Eliminators you know what they are selling for so please no low ball offers.




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