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It finally came down to this. I have hit a point where I don't have the time or financial resource to keep this dream alive. Additionally, I've got some traveling to do. Here are the details:

IT DRIVES. Zoom zoom, vroom vroom.

1969 351W 2BBL, auto transmission. AC and power steering ready. Since getting this car a year ago I have successfully replaced almost everything with the word gasket in it (head gaskets, intake manifold, exhaust manifolds, etc), exhaust rings, brake booster, rebuilt carb, u-joints, front wheel bearings, front brakes (drum), timing chain, distributor, ignition coil, voltage regulator, solenoid, ignition switch, oil pump, new sparkplugs, instrument cluster, and I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting.

Here's what I know it needs:

A crankshaft pulley, the radiator could use a little servicing. There's a local radiator place that makes them wonderful same day for $80. Everything is adjusted to my old lady driving specification. You'll want to change that.

Cosmetics. This thing has rust. Roof rust, trunk rust, quarter panel rust, rust on the floor. The frame itself seems to be in good shape. Aren't you glad this comes with a roof cut? The interior is a mixed bag. The back seats are in great shape, passenger side seat is okay, the driver seat is a mess. The headliner isn't totally awful, but I currently have it removed.

This comes with marker lights, all of the AC parts, power steering pump, hood hinges/springs, original wheel covers, and other assorted crap.

I've got this listed for $3500 OBO, but I feel that's a bit steep. Make an offer, keep it reasonable. More pictures are available upon request. Do a search for my username on here and see how much I suck.

I can be reached at 7272804938 if the telephone is your thing.

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