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1968 XR-7 "J" code, Toploader, A/C, Dark Blue, black vinyl top with blue interior, 3.00:1 Posi rear, It has the ultra rare stickshift console and a tilt-a-way steering column. I dont have to tell most of the people on this board how rare it is to have a factory stick shift in an XR-7. I was once told it is a 1 in 15 car. I need to get the Marti report to verify. The engine has been torn down and is in my garage in pieces. I have the original block and heads as well as what I think is the original autolite carb. I'm pretty sure I have all the parts to complete it in storage. The chrome is in decent shape. The seats are shot, they need recovered. The door panels are in excellent condition and have been stored inside. The dash pad and gauges are very nice. New carpet kit is included. The car has the regular rust areas, bubbled paint in the front corners of the doors as well as at the base of the vinyl roof. The floorpans are not totally gone but could use replacing. I have a good hood and trunk lid to replace the one on the car because the previous owner skim coated them with bondo and it shattered.

The price is $6000 OBO.

This is what the car would look like after it was restored.

This has been my rare car project for a few years but my other 2 cougars have gotten in the way. I will post pictures this weekend.
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