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Don Switzer III sent me the following:


Hey - - I just posted a for sale ad for my '67 XR7. The ad is placed under
the name "DerrerIII". I wanted to make some pics available for people to
see with the ad, or just for fun - - and since your site is kind of just
getting started, I figured I would send a couple of my cat.

About the car - - I am the second owner, with my grandfather being the first
who bought it new in '67. The car was my 16th birthday present. It's got a
289, which has been built an hopped up a bit, with the original 3-spd stick
and stock 8" rear. The interior is all original, as is most of the car with
the exception of the wheels, suspension, and engine. I haven't had a whole
lot of time to work on her in the past 3 years, and that's why I'm looking
to give her a good home. If anyone is interested, they can check out the ad
in the cougars for sale section. I have listed a great deal of information
about the car there, as well as my contact information.

Thanks - - and by the way, I love the site. - - - - Don


Thanks Don! Great looking cat!

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