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1967 Cougar for sale
located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in my garage

Black with white interior
Original 289
C4 auto trans
8" rear
power steering
drum brakes

Bench seat and back seat is nice, no cracks or tears. The headliner needs to be replaced. The pinch weld and trim for the headliner are all there.

Very nice dash pad (nicest original I've ever seen). Opera lights and bezels are there.

Glass is very nice (including the windshield). Most of the trim on the car is nice but should be anodized, but is otherwise undisturbed.
The rear view mirror is nice.

Drivers door has rust on the underside and needs the lower hinge pin replaced, passenger side door and hinges are nice. Window regulators are nice and work well on all four windows.

Hood is nice but with minor rust behind the front lip, hood hinges are good
grill has usable parts but needs new brackets

Deck lid is nice but missing the lock assembly and bezel and has rust on the underside

Drivers front fender has one small rust hole about the size of a pencil eraser, otherwise its solid

Passenger side front fender should be replaced.

Rear valance is restorable and solid
Front valance is restorable and solid

Tail panel is solid, lenses and bezels are good with no cracking and the usual weathering.
Both rear quarters have putty in them (around the wheel opening). The inner and outer wheel well housings need to be replaced.

This car has a rusted out trunk area. Both rear frame rails are rusted out and the crossmember in the trunk needs to be replaced as well. For this reason, the car is not safe to drive.
The floor pans are solid but rusting from inside the car. The front sub frame supports are solid.

Toe boards are solid but not the stock sheet metal.

Front frame rails are solid and front cross member under the radiator is solid.
Front frame sections under the battery tray and on opposite side (drivers side) need to be replaced.
Front suspension is good, rear springs appear to be good but need the rubber bushings replaced.
Rear bumper is straight and needs rechroming. The front bumper has a small rust hole in it but is otherwise straight. Front bumper supports are there and look good.

The engine runs smooth. It does not make any noise, it starts fast, idles smooth and does not smoke. The transmission shifts strong both up and down. Power steering works very nice, the tires show some weather checking but is minor and they hold air very well. Shocks need to be replaced. The single exhaust is there, it works and has rust on the pipes.

The hub caps are nice and only need some buffing and black paint to bring them back.

The drum brakes have been serviced and appear to be good, good pedal feel and the car does not pull to one side or the other. The master cylinder and fuel tank are new, radiator has a hole in the bottom of it. The heater works well, None of the gauges work and neither do the tail lights.

The original package tray is there and looks good. The carpet should be replaced. The seat belts work and look ok.

Steering wheel is cracked, steering column works like it should.

The electrical under the dash needs attention as does the tail light harness.

Vacuum lines for headlights should be replaced.

I bought this car to fix up over the winter and drive in the warm months, but after looking more closely at the car it would make an excellent parts car. I will sell this car whole or part it out.

Asking $1500

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