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Hey guys, its been a while since I have been on, my Cougar project took a backseat over the summer for a 1961 Scout 80 for my daughter. I located what initally appears to be a 390GT motor, but wanted so other opinions. I have not put eyes on it yet, so this is the info I have from photos and emails with the owner. Engine ID Tag reads:
390 67 8
6 K 319 A
I know it may be missing something in the top row, but this is what I was given. The block casting # is C6ME-A, the heads are C6AE-U and ther intake is C6AE. Again I plan on going and looking at it if it appears to be a true 390GT. I have a 1967 Cougar XR-7 GT, just need a trus S code block, I have a 1966 390 Block in it now. Thanks for the help.
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