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    How much is an1968 xr7g f-code with no sun roof worth
  2. The G is finished!

    The G is finished!

  3. Untitled-4


    Front view. The rebuilt 390-4V will be dropped in soon.
  4. Fresh paint

    Fresh paint

    Beginning to look like my first new car, a '68 XR7.
  5. Stripped


    November 2001, the start of the restoration
  6. Primer for 15 years

    Primer for 15 years

    The blue version is in "The G pages" under Brian HOlmen's name. This is how I bought it.
  7. Original XR7G

    Original XR7G

    Originally bought in Hawaii, it looked like this 30 years ago.
  8. Featured TCCN XR7G

    Featured TCCN XR7G

    This cat was featured a couple of issues back and was really nice tro see up close and personal.