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  1. back side of the lucas light mount

    This is the back side of the mount for the lucas light. I made it without a picture of the original
  2. yard sale

    I'm trying to clean out the garage and the wife say's have a yard sale.......
  3. xr7-G in the museum

    xr7-G in the Henry Ford Museum. (Dearborn Mi.) Took me about a year to get the info on it. Sent the info to Royce and he confirmed it, so this is another new one to the registry.
  4. Take me to your leader/O.K. credit union will do.

    At the credit union, not to many more nice days before the foul weather hits around here...
  5. A day at the park

    Almost got hit 3 times trying to snap a picture.
  6. XR7-G right front

    Missing 6.5 emblem but I do have the emblem. Roof rail chrome is tweeked!!
  7. XR7-G interior

    So what do you think? Yellow paint (original) or red with the Saddle interior.
  8. XR7-G front shot

    Missing original G headlight door.
  9. Engine compartment of my new G

    Notice the rinky dink ram air! Missing smog stuff but the rest is all there!!
  10. BLack G

    This is how the car looked when I bought it. Triple Black. 390, Auto, no AC & no -sunroof!!
  11. race for the garage

    o.k. who won ???
  12. In the stable

  13. front view

    Front view, (my work mobile out in the street)
  14. From my porch

    Don't tell but the car in the back ground is mine also, followed me home after 6 beer's one day....
  15. It's back!

    Back from the paint shop, now the work begin's. My camera must have a red tint to it, I swear it really is calypso coral....
  16. Almost done!!!

    It's almost done just have to get the pin stripe's on and have it wheeled
1-18 of 18 Results