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  1. Help In 68 XR7 Parchment Door Panels

    Parts Wanted
    Hi, I am in dire need of 68 XR7 Parchment Door Panels, especially the drivers side, and or both sides with map pockets. I need the map pockets if you don't have the panels? And all in the best condition as possible, I am dreaming right? , ok thank you all for being here! Tim C
  2. 1979 Cougar XR7

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hi Everyone, I have a 79 cougar XR7 with a 302. I had to remove the muffler because it was already banged up and leaky from my grandpa taking it into the ditch a while back. So my question is: Put a brand new stock exhaust system back on? or Do some kind of dual exhaust system? I wouldn't mind...
  3. Please Restore Me! 1970 Cougar XR7 Coupe 351c, 4spd, $3400 OBO

    Cougars for Sale
    I'm selling it B/C I have to much time & money invested in my 70 XR7 Rag-Top. I have 95% of the parts needed to put it back together including the very expensive hard to find wide ratio 4 speed tranny (I payed $1100 for the tranny alone in rebuilt condition so it's ready to bolt into the...