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  1. 1969 Cougar - Assorted items

    69-70 Parts for Sale
    The rest of the box (referring to grille post) contained the items below: Coil Springs Light housing body seal kit 2 sets sun visor (pitting on chrome) Trunk weatherstrip Trunk underlayment Sound barrier - carpet underlayment (oily cardboard stuff that goes on the floor board) Black vinyl top 4...
  2. Vinyl to hardtop conversion

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hey folks. New to posting but I've read a bit; couldn't find this in my searches so forgive me if you've answered it, but... I bought a '68 XR7 with a vinyl top. This is after I decided I really wanted a hardtop but this came available at a good price and I needed to buy so I did. I can live...