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  1. Classic Cougar Tech
    Hi, I had a slow leak in the headlights and found the fitting that is inline on the vacuum lines to the front end of the car to be the culprit. Pics attached. My original was in bad shape. I simply replaced it with two couplings. Can someone explain what it's there for and if it needs to be...
  2. Classic Cougar Tech
    Today I was driving though town when a light turned red in the "no man's land" where you don't know whether to hit the brakes or the gas. I hit the brakes pretty hard. At this point, I lost the power brakes. I stopped then noticed that the engine was off. I threw the tranny in neutral and...
  3. High Performance
    Quick question, how does a bigger or smaller pulley effect my superchargers? I don't want to run too much boost but I want a good kick...Also is anyone familiar with how to hook up the psi gauge?
  4. Classic Cougar Tech
    Hello, My Cougar is running a 351 Cleaveland in it (so not original motor obviously) and I watched a video by Don Rush online on how to route the Vacuum lines for the lights up front. Like a dumb ass, I just ripped off most of the lines running to the “Vacuum Solenoid Valve” and proceeded...
  5. High Performance
    Is there a way i can simplify my engine bay? I want to yank out all of the unneccassry vacuum components and clean up the engine. What vacuums lines do i NEED to keep? Im getting just a simple chrome air breather. oh and its a 1973 mercury cougar xr7 351c. like i said i want to simplify bc...
  6. Classic Cougar Tech
    My 1973 cougars blower motor was making a horrible beating sound. It ended up being the bearing in the blower motor. I bought a new blower and it runs strong but i cant get any air out of my vents now. What do i do? I have been told it could be vacuum related? If so can someone tell me where to...
  7. Classic Cougar Tech
    I've my new headlight switch, but I see no port for the vacuum line? I don't get it. Can someone send a pic of where the vacuum line connects to be controlled by the switch? For 1967 cougar standard (1968 is very different) thanks in advance.
1-7 of 7 Results