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  1. Borg Warner T-5 for sale

    Misc. Parts for Sale
    I have a non-world class T-5 from an 83 mustang 5.0. I also have the bell housing and clutch fork. I decided not to install it in my car and it is taking up space in my barn. The light switch is present and I have the mounts as well. Here is a link to the add. I am in Ashland MA...
  2. 351W with TKO600 Value

    Cougar Community Discussion
    I have a 69 Restomod with a modified 351W and very newly installed Tremec TKO600 conversion. I am looking to sell the engine and transmission but not sure how much to ask. The motor & trans are still in the car and run great. The engine runs super and has many performance parts on it. I did...
  3. T5 Install Complete

    Cougar Community Discussion
    Hey Guys, just got the coug out of the shop, got a guy to take out the old 3spd, put in the new clutch/t5 for about 300 which seems pretty solid to me. Drives great and back to prowling the USC campus! I do realize after looking at this picture that I need to re-adjust the console. The...
  4. Need help on bell housing identification

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I have three bellhousings that I no longer need, but I don't have anything to ID them, was hoping that some CAT lover would pehaps have the info I seek. The first is an aluminum Ford C5TA-8994-A The second is a fully polished bell housing that is the same engine family as the C5TA, but has...