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  1. Transmission Info

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Good Afternoon, I was wondering if anybody could help me out with some information needed (manuals, guides, etc) for a few Ford transmissions. I am looking for information pertaining to the more common transmissions C4, C6, and FMX. I am in desperate need of this, any help would be...
  2. T-5 World Class Torque Tolerances

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I have a world class T-5 that I plan on installing behind my 289. It's supposed to be rated for up to 300ft/lbs of torque. However, when I finish up with my engine build (however long that takes) The engine should be pushing about 337ft/lbs. I don't plan on truly racing the car but some...
  3. C-4 Shifting Issues 2nd-3rd Gear

    Classic Cougar Tech
    My C-4 is having a hard time shifting. It shifts fine from 1st to 2nd but won't shift to 3rd unless the engine revving extremely high. It shifts normally when done manually and the fluid level is good. It just started today as I was on my way home. I started shifting hard. I drove it again a...
  4. Urgent Halp Needed: Shift Improver Kit Install

    High Performance
    I got myself a B&M shift improver kit. My usual mechanic was too busy so I figured I'd try my hand at it. The kit said a person with minimal knowledge should be able to install it by following the directions. I, having more than minimal knowledge, figured it'd be cake. It was cake. Up until I...
  5. Urethane mount for toploader 4sp?

    High Performance
    I'm thinking of purchasing Prothane #6503 motor mounts for my Cougar. Any thought on this product? But after much research, I find no one makes a urethane transmission mount for my toploader 4 sp. The urethane mounts you can buy fit the wide mount tail housings. I have the tail housing that...
  6. Need Help! 1968 Cougar

    Okay, so here's the deal. I'm not the most knowledgeable car guy, so I'm seeking a little help. Today I just purchased a 1968 Mercury Cougar Xr7 302 2 barrel. It has a Holley 650 carburetor and an automatic c4 transmission. The issue is the car won't shift into 3rd year and when I put it into...
  7. T-5 transmission

    Misc. Parts for Sale
    i have a T-5 from a 1994 Mustang that I picked up if anybody wants it PM me I'm asking for $350. Its a WC unit and the model number is 1352258 I'm selling it because it's not the T56 I'm saving for!
  8. Speedometer Gear Change Didn't Do Anything

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hello, My speedometer read fast (e.g. when going 60, it read 90), so I changed the 21 tooth speedometer gear to a 23 tooth. Nothing changed. The speedometer still reads the same as when I had the 21 tooth gear. Any ideas about what else might be wrong? I'm left scratching my head. Any help...
  9. 68 reverse troubles

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hello all. Bgrant's son Tim here. My 68 is my daily driver and i have been having some issues going into reverse. It always will shift just sometimes takes forever when waiting to back in/out of a parking spot. Besides getting the transmission fixed/replaced any other solutions i can try to...
  10. FMX transmission won't go back to 1st after coming to stop

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hi Guys, A couple years ago, I took my car to get some work done which included rebuilding the transmission (because it was shot). I already had a shift kit in it and I asked the guys to keep the shift kit on (even brought them the box with the instructions and parts they had replaced). When I...
  11. 3 speed M/T to 5 speed M/T

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Has anybody swapped out a 3 speed M/T for a 5 speed M/T? It will be going in my 1968 289. I am just curious how much alteration I'll have to do to get it to mesh up, and if anybody has the experience from it (like "don't try it", or "worth the time")...
  12. C4 trans for sale

    67-68 Parts for Sale
    I have a C4 trans with a stage 2 shift kit that I'm selling. I'm including a Pistol grip hurst shifter and a 2000-2200 torque converter in the deal too. The trans needs a rebuild. Theres no major problems but I'm moving into a manual T-5 set up. I'm asking $350 for the whole deal. Let me...
  13. c4 nuetral safety switch questions

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I need to know if the car will start if the nuetral safety switch is off the car. I have a new TCI sizzler and the thing came with a universal shifter linkage. Doesn't look like it will accept a NSS. Not enough room. Also- The 24 spline tranny secures to the flexplate with nuts to studs on the...
  14. Driveshaft not sliding on...

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hey whats up Cougar fiends!!! I'm trying to get my drive shaft to slide back into the rear of the transmission while gently rotating it, but the yoke stops at the teeth. I swapped out transmissions, so I was wondering if C4's have different yoke spline counts... I'm almost home!!!!!
  15. C4 tranny bolts torque specs....

    Classic Cougar Tech
    What is the torque (lbs) for the bolts on the c4 transmission? I'm swapping my current tranny for another c4 with a stage 2 shift kit and I can't find the specs in the repair manual...anybody know what it is?
  16. transmission identification

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I'm new to the Ford engine/tranny family, and I have a 1967 Merc with a 289 Hi-Po but I don't know what trannys they used. Is it the C4?. I want to buy a rebuild kit, and I dont know how to identify it, HELP!
  17. new 68 cougar, transmission issue

    Classic Cougar Tech
    OK - I have headed down the Cougar path. Bought a 68 cougar, '85 302, 4BBL, 9 in rear and a new c4 transmission that the previous owner had problems with after he let it sit over the first winter of the tranny's installation. Apparently water or coolant entered the transmission (my guess)...