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  1. Classic Cougar Tech
    It looks like I will be trading my 2005 Mustang GT for a 68 J Code XR7 with a C-6. I am looking to makes some performance changes. I currently have siting in my garage a 331 stroker with a bell housing, clutch linkage, and top loader 4 speed from a 1966 mustang. Will this fit in a 68 cougar?
  2. High Performance
    I'm thinking of purchasing Prothane #6503 motor mounts for my Cougar. Any thought on this product? But after much research, I find no one makes a urethane transmission mount for my toploader 4 sp. The urethane mounts you can buy fit the wide mount tail housings. I have the tail housing that...
  3. High Performance
    I'm having a new motor built for my 68 TA clone track car. The new motor will be a 347 stroker dart block with AFR 205 heads. I running a toploader 4-speed with modified z-arm clutch linkage, manual steering and manual brakes. On the old motor, also a 347 stroker with victor JR heads I used...
1-3 of 3 Results