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  1. Tires for my 68 XR7 X-code

    Wheel & Tires
    I need to buy new tires for my Nordic Blue with white vinyl top, X-code. It still has the original 14" styled steel wheels that it came with. Right now it has some approximately 18 year old Sears white wall tires on it (courtesy of the previous owner). This car was originally owned by a...
  2. Sincerest Apologies for a New Tire Thread - But Need Assistance Please

    Wheel & Tires
    My Sincerest Apologies for a New Tire Thread - However i scanned allot of the posts and didn't see (or missed) my application question: So the last Cougars I owned spanned about 12 Years ago - but I never strayed from the Blue Oval - As luck would have it I landed a great Deal on a two Owner...
  3. My 68 needs new wheels and tires, need help!

    Wheel & Tires
    Just bought a 68 cougar, tires are all mismatched and dry rotted and the wheels are rusty. Looking to get a nice staggered set. I looked up the list on this forum of all the sizes and I'm thinking of 15in wheels.... 7 in front and 8 in back. 215 60 or 225 60 with some 275 60s out back. Anyone...
  4. Tires for a 69 standard

    Cougar Community Discussion
    Hi you all! I own a 69 standard Cougar, this is my first thread and is time to change up the tires. I've been looking at the forum and saw lots of threads about this topic but nothing that cleared my doubts about the "perfect" tires sizes. Now the questions: I'm running all four wheels 15x7''...
  5. (4) - 14" Steel Wheels and New Tires in NC

    69-70 Parts for Sale
    Folks, I have 4 14" steelies with Cooper Trendsetter SE (whitewall showing) 205/75/14 for sale, the tires have exactly 90 miles on them so they are new. These came off of my 70 XR-7. I replaced my wheels and tires with my new American Racing ones so I don't need these anymore. They are...
  6. Can an 87 8.8 posi unit work inside a 65 9 inch?

    High Performance
    Just curious about the carrier housing compatibility. It seems like it would work if but I know some differential guru will know better. please elaborate!
  7. Mercury Hubcaps

    Misc. Parts for Sale
    I think these are pretty cool since there not the typical Mercury hubcaps. I can't find any pictures of old cats with them on which makes me question which car they're really from. Anyways I want $60 bucks for all 4. Even if you don't want to buy them, please provide any info you may have on...
  8. Wheel/tire size issue

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Looking for suggestions/advice on this issue: I have a 1968 XR-7 and the previous owner put 16x8 (4.5" backspace) wheels with 215/55/R16 wheels all the way around. When I first got the car, when I would go over a major bump, the front tires would rub the fender. I just had a complete...
  9. Rims and tires for sale

    Misc. Parts for Sale
    Im selling my drag radial tires off of my 73 cougar xr7. I need more logical street rims. I also am willing to trade. Pics Below